Thursday, November 20, 2008


I hereby declare today the first day I have attempted to cook a whole animal.  In my case, a very small Cornish Hen.  She was beautiful.  I made her in my countertop rotisserie oven, which I love.  I did, however, undercook her because I did not realize where her thigh was and determined her temperature at her calf (drumstick).  She is now in the oven getting fully cooked and her carcass is in a pot (hopefully) making stock for use with the dressing at Thanksgiving.  I will have to post the recipe of the rub I used on my chicken soon, but wanted to document this momentous occasion.  

P.S.  Her hip joint is (was) super cool looking!
P.P.S.  You may be suprised that I have not previously done the frugal thing of cooking a whole animal, but seriously... chicken breasts were 90cents per pound last week...

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